Preprints with Peer Feedback

Aletheia is a platform for disseminating research with transparency and efficiency in mind.

Aletheia is a platform for disseminating research that seeks to rethink how we communicate the discovery of knowledge. Unlike a traditional preprint repository, research is evaluated and critiqued through a formal peer feedback process. Unlike a peer-reviewed journal, there is no gatekeeping—all research is transparently communicated. In contrast to a journal’s emphasis on peer review as a screening mechanism, feedback through Aletheia is aimed at promoting and contributing to a broader public discussion surrounding a piece of research. The core values of Aletheia are transparency, opennness, and the search for truth via the exchange of ideas.

The Upshot

No Gatekeeping

All submissions that comply with the platform’s content policies are accepted after completing Aletheia’s peer feedback process.

Efficient and Transparent Feedback

No drawn-out, multi-round R&R process. All reviews are signed and publicly available.


All research is freely available to the public, and there are no publication fees.


Feel free to reach out with any suggestions or questions! Aletheia is a project run by Neil Malhotra and Jake Jares of Stanford University.